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An Assorment of Lies in Caner’s Marines Video

First, for a good update on Caner’s legal proceedings against Jonathan Autry, check out Jason Smathers’ blog, Witnesses Unto Me.

Secondly, here’s a quick snippet of Caner’s lies and vulgarity in the litigated Marines video from The Domain for Truth. If Timothy Rogers, Tim Guthrie or any other member of Connect 316 would like to insinuate this has been “doctored” to say something Caner didn’t say, please feel free to watch the video in its entirety here.

Fair Warning: By the way, because of Caner’s vulgarity, I need to rate this PG. If you struggle with vulgarity or ungodliness in your speech and conduct, this video might cause you to stumble.

Here are the lies just from this short clip:

(1) LIE: His father was not a polygamist and did not have three wives

(2) LIE: His doesn’t have half sisters in Iraq or Afghanistan learning to read

(3) LIE: He was not trained in a Madrassa

(4) LIE: His father was not a mujadeen

(5) He did not wear traditional Islamic dress

(6) LIE: He was not trained in a Madrassa in Instanbul or Kabul

(7) LIE: His mother was not an Arab addicted to the hookah as he suggests – really disrespectful to his Swedish mother

(8) LIE: He’s not quoting “Hadith volume whatever” or “Book 52” that’s not how it works – he’s making stuff up, it’s like saying, “Bible Number 102.”

(9) LIE: He did not come to the states in 1978 (as he says twice) but in 1969

(10) LIE: He did not debate an Imam at Lubbock, TX – or anywhere else, for that matter

(11) LIE: HE did not debate Michael Moore – and I doubt has ever met him

(12) LIE: He did not “get paid to debate” – he never debated a single person.

Paging Baptist Press…Paging Baptist Press…

Where’s the journalistic integrity in the SBC? Could somebody talk about this? Helloooo?

[Contributed by JD Hall]