Pulpit Notes

Monday: Program Summary – In Monday’s program, JD intended to talk about a number of #DOWNGRADE issues in the SBC, but didn’t get much further than the first topic, as he discusses Ergun Caner’s selection of Peter Lumpkins as the Vice President of Miscommunication at Brewton Parker College, and also discusses it further with a call-in from Pulpit & Pen Contributor, Pastor Gene Clyatt for the Daily #DOWNGRADE segment.

Tim Roger’s blog, which JD mentioned, is here.

Tuesday: Program Summary – JD begins by playing (edited) parts of a filthy-minded video that Russell Moore thought was funny enough to suggest to his 40k twitter followers to watch. He then moves on to an excellent argument that Christians shouldn’t sue other Christians – provided by none other than Ergun Caner defender, Tim Rogers, from back in 2008. Then, he discusses some Lutheran disagreement over Baptismal Regeneration and ends with Frank Page’s thoughts that doctrinal argument is the cause of baptism decline, as reported in the Baptist Press.

Because JD doesn’t want to pull a “Russell Moore” he’s asked us not to put the hyperlink to the filthy-minded video on the Pulpit Notes. The article from Trevin Wax is here. The article in which Tim Rogers’ commented is here. The Tim Challies review with JD Grear’s thoughts on “re-baptism” is here. The Baptist Press article in which Frank Page’s words are recorded is here.

Wednesday: Program Summary – In this lite episode, JD provides some commentary and then plays a message he recently preached concerning the purpose and nature of miracles, signs and wonders. The episode can be found here.

Thursday: Program Summary – The first in the new 30 minute format. In Thursday’s episode, JD discusses recent news; the Pope on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, the Southern Baptist Sex Conference, Caner can’t stop lying as JD was the first to uncover his latest falsehood, being prepared for natural disasters, and the Daily #DOWNGRADE includes Bob Hadley’s bribing of people into church with $50 coupons.

The Pope on the cover of Rolling Stones can be found here. The Southern Baptist Sex Conference can be found here. The Caner article about his latest lies is here. The food calculator is here.