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Monday: Program Summary – In today’s program, JD first discusses Phillips, Craig and Dean’s signing a statement affirming the Southern Baptist Faith & Message and why Southern Baptists (and other evangelicals) should still be very, very cautious. JD also discusses Tony Miano’s arrest and in the Daily #DOWNGRADE segment, JD addresses Tim Guthrie’s recent rant against Calvinism, leaving his intended discussion on Pastor Bob Hadley’s semi-Pelagianism for tomorrow’s #DOWNGRADE segment. You can find Monday’s audio here.

The statement from Phillips, Craig and Dean can be found here. Bart Barber’s article on PC&D, which JD addressed, is here. JD’s own post on the issue, in which he linked to the AoMin.org articles is here. An article on Tony Miano’s arrest can be found here. In the #DOWNGRADE segment, JD talks about Connect 316 Board Member, Tim Guthrie’s “simpified” (to put it mildly) criticism of Calvinism is here.

Tuesday: Program Summary – On Tuesday’s program JD discussed a few news articles, including Timothy George’s assertion that Catholics are our “brothers and sisters.” He also talked about a “Finney-esque” altar call. For the main segment, JD talked with SBC 2nd VP Jared Moore about the book, “Ten Sacred Cows in Christianity that Need to Be Tipped” and for the #DOWNGRADE segment, reviewed Bob Hadley’s semi-pelagian tweets. You can find today’s audio here

For the Denny Burk article on self-appointed pastors, click here. The New York Times article referenced is here. The article from Timothy George is here. Concerning the words from CARM defining semi-Pelagianism, click here and from Monergism.com, here. The words to Arminian Grace and info about its author can be found here.

Wednesday: Program Summary – In Wednesday’s program, JD first mentions the passive-aggressive criticism of critics in a certain Southern Baptist blog, then moves on to a Caner Project update. Afterward, JD discusses youth ministry with Brannon Howse, who just came off a successful 2014 Contend Conference. Finally, JD discusses the 1 minute sermon from a pastor eager to watch his football game in the Daily #DOWNGRADE segment.

The SBC Voices issues criticizing critics for criticizing can be found here. The video of Caner lying in the clip used by Focus on the Family is here. The video from the #DOWNGRADE segment is here.

Thursday: Program Summary – In Thursday’s episode, JD gives an update about the abolitionist in Norman, Oklahoma who was attacked by a post-abortive father. The city attorney is refusing to prosecute and refuses to look at the video evidence of the assault because it belongs to an “interested party.” Also discussed is Reformation Montana’s offer to help home groups transition into church plants and a bit more on Bob Hadley. In the main segment is JD’s Easter Message from this year. You can find the audio for this episode here

An update was added to the program on this website, which can be found here. The contact info the Norman Police Department, Captain Tom Easley is 405-366-3216 and the contact info for the Noman City Attorney, Jeanne Snyder, is 405-217-7700. The original post on the Pulpit & Pen about this can be found here.  Bob Hadley’s semi-Pelagian article can be found here.


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