Abolitionist Attacked, Upcoming Interview – Watch the Video

I interviewed Brian Wagnon, a volunteer with Abolish Human Abortion [click here for a link to their website], several days ago for an upcoming episode of the Pulpit & Pen Program. Little did I know that just a few days later, one of the members and leaders of that group would be ruthlessly attacked by a post-abortive father. Before that program airs next week, please watch this video (and you Pulpiteers forward it on to social media). While you’re letting it digest, here are a few interesting facts for you to contemplate…

1. This man’s wife/girlfriend was apparently coerced into the abortion by him, as after he began to attack the abolitionists and ignoring her pleas, she screamed “You never listen to me!” As the abolitionists asked if they could help her upon leaving the clinic, they were probably the first people in the whole pre-abortion or post-abortion incident that cared about the woman or what she wanted. When men have sex with a woman against her will, we call it rape. When men sell women for sex against their will, we call it sex trafficking. When men coerce their girlfriends or wives to kill their children against their will, we call it just another day at the abortion clinic.

2. It should really come to no shock that a man who would murder his child would attack yet another innocent person. In this respect, there’s nothing inherently shocking about the video. It turns out, the man primarily attacked (at least it seems) the abolitionist in order to remove and destroy the cameras. Sin despises the light, as light exposes evil deeds.

3. The police did not arrest the man, in spite of the assault being on video.

4. The police allowed the post-abortive father and attacker to file charges against the abolitionists for “assault.”

5. The police tried to force the abolitionists (those peacefully assembling) to leave the scene, but not the attacker. Instead, they left the scene with the abolitionists looking for their damaged data storage device (which can show more footage in their defense at trial) with the attacker still present at the scene. It appears that the Norman Police Department is not altogether interested in either serving or protecting those exercising their constitutional rights of peaceful and lawful assembly. I say appears, because we still need clarification from the NPD.

I called Norman Police Chief, Kieth Humphrey’s office, this morning. Chief Humphrey did not take my call, but I spoke to his assistant, Lisa. I left a message with Chief Humphrey asking for clarification for why the attacker wasn’t arrested, given the evidence on video. I also explicitly asked if the reason the man wasn’t arrested was because of the nature of free speech being exercised by the abolitionists. I’ve yet to receive a return call from Chief Humphrey.

If you would like to call Chief Humphrey (and be Christlike in the process), you can reach the city of Norman at (405) 321-1600 and they can transfer your call.

We are not concerned with justice being dispensed to the post-abortive father (we want him to be saved so that he can escape justice and flee to grace), but because we don’t want abolitionists to be “fair-game” to attackers because police don’t approve of the speech exercised by the victim.


I received a call from Norman Police Captain, Tom Easley at approximately 11:55 AM MT. Captain Easley informs me that four complaints were filed in the incident by citizens; three against the post-abortive father and the one against Toby Harmon (the abolitionist). According to the captain, “state law prohibits law enforcement from arresting a suspect in an ‘alleged’ assault unless it happens in the presence of law enforcement.” Assuming this is accurate, I wonder if that was the reason for the incredibly (and uncharacteristically) slow response of law enforcement to the scene. Upon further questioning, Captain Easley did mention there were certain exceptions, such as in the case of spousal or domestic assault. The case is now set for “mediation” by the city attorney (the captain could not tell me what that meant), and it’s up to the city attorney to file charges or not.

If you would like further information from Captain Easley, his number is 405-366-3216. Please be respectful, Christlike, and conscientious of his time as a public servant.

My interview with Toby Harmon about this incident is scheduled for next week.

[Contributed by JD Hall]

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