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The Day Steve Gaines Prayed For Me

**Note: This is part 4 of our series of Seven Days of Gaines. In late October 2014, over 150 abolitionists gathered at the invitation of a local Baptist church in Memphis, TN to preach the...

SBC Deacon Doubles Down on Building Abortuary

If helping to build an abortuary doesn’t qualify as a disciplinary offense in the Southern Baptist Convention, suffice it to say that nothing does. Pulpit & Pen brought you the news story of a...


Matt Tringali on Lukewarm Churches on Abortion

Matt Tringali, an abolitionist in Raleigh, NC, gave a powerful and convicting message on the silence of churches regarding the abortion controversy. Thousands of children are being murdered every single day, and the professing church is largely complicit. Tringali, in reference to the Church of Laodicea in Revelation 3, says,