The Worst Christian of 2021

Who is the worst Christian of 2021?

On the surface, this seems like a foolish or even pharisaical question. The fact of the matter is that there are none worthy to stand righteous before God except his perfect son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Every believer struggles with sin every day and will continue to do so until the Lord returns and raises us anew in glory. None of us are really better than another. Yet, we can still fairly ask and answer, “Who is the worst Christian of 2021?” if we consider the question in terms of an individual’s influence on the visible church at large. Who out there, among the professing, has had the most deleterious effect on the health of the body of Christ in the year 2021? Using a number of criteria and identifying candidates from a pool of nominees (obvious charlatans and the theologically heterodox were not included for consideration), I have come up with one professing Christian who can fairly be considered “The Worst Christian of 2021.”

Who is the worst Christian of 2021? The Nominees were as follows:

After careful consideration of the use of power, influence, responsibility, and the expression of theology, I hereby bestow the title of “Worst Christian of 2021” to Beth Moore.

Mrs. Moore,

You are the worst Christian of 2021.

Before I go on let me be clear about just how bad you had to be to win the “award”  this year. 

You beat out Pastor and SBC President Ed Litton.  Ed Litton is a trained actor who used his degree in theatre to portray the sermons he plagiarized from others as his own.  He is a truly despicable man, a clear phony (perhaps the perfect qualities for a modern SBC president) and you beat him out. I mean, your sermons are really bad but at least you don’t steal them from others.  Ed Litton was really deserving, but JD Greear got the Worst Christian of 2019 trophy.  So Ed can pretend JD’s award is his if he wants to, just like he pretended JD’s sermons were.

You beat out former ERLC president Russell Moore.  This is a man whose convention politics were so destructive and low-down that Mike Stone sued him for defamation.  Russell Moore is so awful that’s he even platformed you.  After taking a hefty Southern Baptist salary for over a decade, Russell Moore left his SBC job and then joined a church that isn’t even Baptist.  That’s phony.  It shows a lack of integrity.  He made Donald Trump look right for calling him a “nasty guy with no heart.”  But you beat him out, too.

Like Ed Litton and Russell Moore, it seems like you are a phony.  Frankly, I think you are a better actor than Ed Litton and more heartless and more nasty than Russell Moore.  Let’s face it, the average pew-sitter doesn’t even know who those guys are.  But they know you.  It’s your face that stares at them from nearly every Baptist Church library in Dixieland and beyond.  That’s why you beat the rest of the nominees out.  For over three decades Southern Baptists trusted you to teach their women.   You made millions of dollars from Southern Baptist (LifeWay) book deals and events (conferences, cruises, etc..).  You acted like you were one of them, that you believed like they did.  But did you?  After all those years teaching Baptist women, you apologized for teaching and supporting complementarianism, the very doctrine Southern Baptist Churches were trusting you to uphold.  How could someone who specializes in teaching the Bible to women come to reject the very biblical doctrine which concerns how women are to teach the Bible?  For that matter, how could a Bible teacher who has taught the Bible for 30+ years all the sudden abandon her belief the two ordinances (baptism and the Lords Supper) of the church?  I don’t begrudge you joining the Anglian Church, Beth, but I think it does prove your theological moorings were as shallow as…well…every single one of your tripe-filled books.

Someone might want to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you had a genuine change of heart about being a conservative Baptist.  Someone might think that perhaps you honestly and truly believed in complementarianism for all those years and honestly and truly changed your mind after careful study.  Someone might think that perhaps you honestly and truly believed in Baptist doctrine for all those years and truly changed your mind after careful study.  I am not that someone.  I’ve read your books.  You’ve been claiming all these years that God speaks to you directly and even inspires your writings.  So, I’m inclined to believe that, if God was really speaking to the world’s most popular women’s Bible teacher, he would tell her to start baptizing babies and letting women preach and be pastors instead of letting her continue in such egregious Baptist and complementarian error.  We both know He didn’t.  God doesn’t tell you the things you claim He has.  You see, that’s how I know you are a phony.  That’s how a I know you’re an actor.  You’ve been making money off of lies about God and his word for years.  I think you taught what was most convenient for you to be rich and popular.  Why should I or anyone else think you have honest and genuine theological convictions when you will flat out lie about God speaking to you?

That’s why woke statements from you like this one don’t even chap me.

You’re beliefs aren’t worth the cheap paper LifeWay prints them on. 

Beth Moore, you are the worst Christian of 2021.

Full disclosure: I wrote a book about how awful you are long before I did this year’s “Worst Christian” article.  I think your actions in 2021 make me look downright prophetic.

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