Greg Locke to Dunkin Donut Worker ‘I’m Going to Kick your Teeth Down your Throat’

We’ve written at length about the disgraced, self-appointed, adulterous, and unqualified Tennessee “pastor” Greg Locke. Locke is the founder of his own church, Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet Tennessee, and was most notable for being a popular internet pundit before making news by divorcing his wife of 20 years and marrying his secretary.

You can also add crazed and violent mad-man to that list, as in a video uploaded two days ago to his Facebook Page, Locke went on a tirade against the use of masks and specifically at a store proprietor of Dunkin Donut who asked him to wear a mask.

Warning parents to have the kiddos get out of the room before he goes on a rant, Locke recounts how he loves Dunkin Donuts and goes twice a day to get two medium coffees with “seven cream, five sugars in each one”- possibly explaining why he’s so amped up.

Visiting a new location, he doesn’t wear a mask while going in, even though the store mandates that he must and can refuse service to anyone not wearing one. For several days no one says anything to him, then after a few days one of the workers who he refers to as “Nazi skippy” informs him “Sir, I just wanted to let you know that the next time you come into my store, I want you to have a mask on.”

This exchange causes Locke to have a tantrum and freak the heck out. He states that he has to purposefully calm himself, as he can feel the anger rising to the surface. Locke points out that there’s been a sign on the door for several days saying he can’t come in without a mask, and he has been flouting the rules and doing so anyway, and no one has said anything so far. The worker responds that they are enforcing the masks now, and he needs to wear one.

Saying that the worker was getting on his “ever-loving nerves’ Locke says declares:

“I was doing everything I could spiritually not to come over the counter and still be a pastor in public because I’ve sure there are cameras everywhere.”

Well then. It does not take much, does it? He states as he exited the building he used his foot to open the door. The owner accused him of doing so harshly because he was mad about the masks and was concerned that he was going to kick the glass in, a fair perspective, given how unhinged and aggressive Locke is being over a mask.

I said, and let me be truthful about what I said because more than likely it’s on video and it’ll be on Newsweek or time magazine sometime this week. I said Sir, I did not try to kick the glass in your door. I very calmly pushed the door open with my foot, because it’s what I do every day.”

The owner of the shop disputes this account and says Locke uttered these immortal, pastoral lines :

‘If you call me a liar one more time, I’m going to take these work boots, and I’m going to kick your teeth down your throat’. Yes. I said it. And in the moment I meant it.

Locke tells the Dunkin Donut worker he was going to be back at 5:oopm to get more coffee, and the worker informs him that he’s not allowed and they will refuse him service for not complying with the mask law, as is their right and prerogative. Locke puts 1 plus 2 together and gets 4, already spitting mad, and threatens the chain with some preaching, which I’m sure would convince the patrons and workers listening that Locke will be a fount of credibility.

Is “hate-preaching” a thing? You get so mad at someone that you preach at them to punish them or get back at them? Because that really seems what Locke is doing. Going 0-60 emotionally in about 10 seconds flat, wanting to climb over a counter and beat someone up, threatening to badly maim a fast-food worker for calling him liar, and then this sanctimonious act of piousness here:

“I can tell you, one thing ladies and gentlemen, I wish to the God in heaven that I would have brought my bullhorn, because I’d be standing on the top of this rental truck right now in their parking lot raising cain for Jesus Christ, preaching the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so sick of this mask brigade nonsense. Bunch of nazis.”

Locke is not a Christian pastor. He’s an angry, aggressive, thoroughly disqualified hireling who is a judgment on his congregation who put up with him.


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