Greg Locke Admits Desire for Church Secretary

The following story is the product of interviews with and submissions from numerous sources local to Middle Tennessee.  The truth of the reporting here is dependent on the accuracy of the information reported by those sources.  Pulpit & Pen is confident in the accuracy of the information provided. Anyone with first-hand information about Pastor Greg Locke, his actions toward Global Vision Bible Church and or his wife, is encouraged to contact Pulpit & Pen at

Tai Cowan, church secretary, sat in one of the front pews of Global Vision Bible Church.  Her mother sat behind her, rubbing her shoulders.  The church’s pastor, Greg Locke, stood in the pulpit and addressed the congregation.  He professed his love for Tai and the congregation clapped and cheered.  It would be a perfect love story if not for the sordid and sinful details.

Greg Locke is the famous internet “pastor” of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.  On June 10th, Pulpit & Pen published an article entitled “Greg Locke Jumps the Gun” which included pictures of Locke’s minivan parked outside of his church secretary’s house during the night and before his divorce from his estranged wife Melissa.  The very day the article was published, Locke called this writer and threatened a lawsuit.  Soon after, the secretary, a woman named Tai, was removed from the Global Vision Bible Church staff webpage.  This weekend, Greg Locke called a special meeting at Global Vision Bible Church and announced that he was romantically involved with Tai.  Locke claimed that he developed his amorous feelings for Tai after he filed for divorce from his wife of twenty years.  All the recent media scrutiny, Greg claimed, had pushed them together.  To say the least, it is interesting that Locke announced his feelings for Tai after photographic evidence was released showing him at her house during the night.  Even if Locke’s claim about when he developed romantic affection for his secretary is to be believed, his actions disqualify him for the pastorate.  Locke’s divorce is biblically unjustified.  To make matters worse, Locke’s romantic advances are towards an employee of his church and the wife of another man.  It is not yet clear to Pulpit & Pen if Tai’s marriage to her former husband, Chris, has been legally ended.  What is clear is that the clergyman  who officiated that marriage was none other than Greg Locke himself.

Greg Locke prays over Tai Cowan’s estranged husband.

What kind of pastor, what kind of man, performs the marriage of a woman, gives her a job, and then divorces his own wife and begins a romantic relationship with her?  The answer is “Pastor” Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.  Locke, presenting himself as a social conservative, has used political videos and online sermons to develop a Facebook following of nearly 1.5 million.  Global Vision Bible Church even boasts “internet members” who stream worship services online and donate money from all over the country.  Amazingly, Greg Locke continues to garner both a local and internet following even after reports of divorce, demonstrable lies, and spousal abuse have surfaced. Not only has Greg Locke’s moral character come into question, the financial operations of Global Vision Bible Church have also been a matter of concern to former members.  People are wondering if the church paid $10,000 for Greg’s ex-wife to have weight loss surgery.  People are wondering if the church paid for Greg and his executive pastor to get new cars.  It is now being disseminated by sources in Mt. Juliet that Global Vision Bible Church Executive Pastor Jarrod Almond has left the organization.  With the departure of Almond, will more financial concerns come to light?

Greg Locke has filed for bankruptcy. Is he mismanaging the finances of GVBC? The church elders quit over financial accountability.

Greg Locke has run into financial problems before; a background check revealed that he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2009.  A background check on Tai revealed that she was in criminal trouble with the state of Tennessee for “Obtaining Control Substance by Fraud” in 2008.  Locke himself was a delinquent in his youth.  Given the behavior of Greg and Tai, should anyone believe that they are changed people who bear fruit in keeping with repentance?  Should anyone trust them to steward the resources of Christ’s church, especially given their marital records.  As for Greg’s claim that he only began to have feelings for Tai after filing for divorce, his ex-wife Melissa went on the record with Pulpit & Pen in early March claiming that Greg told her:

As soon as the divorce is final, (Tai and I) are getting together.  We see each other at work, at church, and most evening for dinner.  You know Melissa I hope somebody else loves you because it will never be me.

According to Melissa, Tai even asked Melissa if she’d want her to raise her kids for her if she died.  Greg and Tai may just be a perfect, yet unholy match.


What kind of people remain at Global Vision Bible Church defending these two?  Greg Locke, and whatever congregants remain at his church, demonstrate the worst of the visible church.  To be certain, no one who fears God should fear Greg Locke.  The more people local to GVBC keep silent about Greg Locke and his many pastoral abuses, the more people may be spiritually damaged under his care.  People with knowledge of the situation are encouraged to speak out.  Greg, Tai, and those who condone their behavior are a kingdom embarrassment.

Nevertheless, both Greg and Tai could find salvation in Christ if they were to turn from their sins and put their faith in the risen Jesus.  All who call upon the name will be saved, so says the Bible.  That includes readers of this article, whomever they may be.

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