Todd Bentley Plugs Teaching on ‘Supernatural Healing’ while in Hospital with Illness

Todd Bentley has been waylaid in the hospital with a host of sicknesses and physical maladies, but that hasn’t stopped the charismatic con-man from plugging and advertising his teachings on supernatural healings. Where’s a shout of “physician, heal thyself!” when you need one?

In a Facebook post, Todd reveals how he’s been sick these last few days, spending time inside the hospital and getting put through the wringer with various tests and diagnostic efforts in an effort to figure out why he’s been feeling so poorly.

We have realized most all my internal issues with my blood sugars and blood pressure, dehydration and recent hospital visit a few days I ago. I was diagnosed with Stress, anxiety and panic attack.

Of course a large part of this has been the trauma of the last year and all the stress of public, private, and spiritual battles.

I have taken extra time to let meds work and test as a part of my physical issue was severe back and muscle strain. Again stress related.

In order to raise money for medical bills and to support his health recovery, Todd informs that he’s offering a resource called the “Worship and Soaking Collection” for a donation of $25.

The collection features 9 full-length “soaking and marinating music” and includes “Open Heaven Volumes with Rate Bob Jones music, Impartation and revelation prayers. Enjoy David Hunter, Lou Engle, Bob Jones, Todd Bentley prayers for healing, and more on this rare resource.”

It’s a risky move for Bentley, whose wild-eyed, souped-up, hyper-pentecostalism teaching is all about fantastical miraculous and supernatural encounters – where the miracles flow like milk and honey and healing is on tap 24/7, delivered on the way to the glory by real angels who shed smatterings of healing gold dust from their feathers as they inhabit the room where Bently is holding court.

Bentley has a whole store on his site with hundreds of hours of teaching on miracles, healing, and the supernatural. This includes Healing Volume II, which Todd currently sells on his website for the low price of $99.

Bentley believes that it’s never God’s will for you to be sick, as healing was provided for in the atonement. Believing himself to be divinely anointed by God to operate in the healings and miraculous, having cured tens of thousands of people from cancer, HIV, leprosy, bad backs, Todd is also on record for claiming he has raised at least 9 people from the dead.

And yet here he is, sick in bed with body pain, stress, headaches, and talking about how this mountain of health issues that he should not have according to his own beliefs and teachings, and offering to sell his teachings and classes on healings and miracles in order to help him out.

Ahh, what the heck. I’ll say it.


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