MI Church Plays 10-min Q-Anon Conspiracy Video Before Service

A Michigan church pastor “went there” during his July 5th Service when he played a nearly 10-minute Q-Anon Conspiracy youtube video for his congregation before the Sunday morning worship.

The Q-Anon video, which we’ve posted below, was played at Rock Urban Church in Grandville, Michigan during the July 5th service. The church, led by Pastor Gary Peterson, has not made any public comment to multiple media inquiries and has also deleted the sermon from their Youtube Channel.

The gist of the video is that, according to the narrator “The country is being torn apart by the biggest political hoax and coordinated mass media disinformation campaign in living history.”

The video claims that after President Trump’s impeachment failed, the Deep State, working within the Democratic party, launched an insurgency in the form of COVID-19, which is a manufactured virus the Deep State created for the purpose of throwing the world into chaos. They released this virus with the goal of destabilizing the world – to send the unemployment rate skyrocketing, shut down the economy, and result in mass quarantining and isolation, all with the goal of hurting Trump.

When COVID-19 deaths started to stabilize and the curve was being flattened, the Deep State, in conjunction with operatives within the mainstream media, took the death of George Floyd and used it as social weapon in order to advance further insurgency and bring about the collapse of the United States and ensuring that Trump would not get a second term.

Rock Urban Church has been one of the few churches that has been defying Governor Gretchen Whitmers’ tyrannical stay-at-home orders these past few months. The pastor has been outspoken in decrying government overreach and constitutional violations, regularly speaking out against the efforts of the government to control the population and including sections in his sermons about not living in fear and not giving governmental edicts that go against the scriptures, as well as playing move trailers from others movies regarding not taking the mark of the beast.

From what we can tell, Rock Urban Church went to online services for only a short time, but quickly came back around and had in-person services for those who wanted to attend, as well as socially distanced in-person bible studies, at a time when this was simply not done in Michigan, making them one of the few churches who were open when others were not.

The church is known not just for their outspoken advocacy against Coronavirus encroachments, but also for the reputation of the pastor. Pastor Gary Peterson, for his part, has a checkered past. He pled no contest in 2014 to a charge of attempted larceny after using the church credit card as his personal ATM, making unauthorized purchases at Victorias’ Secret, Red Lobster, and using it to pay for his European Vacations.

In order to avoid jail time, Paterson agreed to pay back the sum to his original congregation, leaving him only to serve 12-months probabtion. The theft and moral failing resulted in a church split, and a portion of the congregation from his old church followed him to his new plant.

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