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ERLC Says COVID-19 is Racist So Churches Should Give Blacks Money for “Justice”


Will the endless virtue-signaling wokism of the Democratic Wing of the Southern Baptist Convention ever come to an end? It probably won’t so long as Southern Baptists continue to fund their anti-Trump PAC with their financial offerings. But boy, is it obnoxious.

For more articles on the ERLC’s all-in commitment to political progressivism, click here. For now, we’ll let just one more example of their woke absurdities speak for itself.

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) – an entity owned by the SBC which was a conservative denomination only a decade ago – just posted an article by Brooke Kramer, a super-privileged white girl who serves as a receptionist in the ERLC ‘s bloated beltway office. She’s one of the many unnecessary staffers who comprise 61% of the ERLC’s insanely wasteful budget.

Why are spoiled 19-year-old girls being published at the SBC blog, anyway?

And like most sorority girls with White Guilt-complexes who just completed classes in gender studies, she signals virtue with flare.

So get this nonsense:

Kramer’s article has the following thesis: COVID-19 is prejudiced against black people, so churches need to give minorities money, research racism, and fight for “justice.”

While the brainwashed young woman includes a single caveat that the Kung Flu may not be epidemiologically racist, she claims that minorities suffer more from the virus than anyone else. That’s not the controversial part (poor people have worse personal hygiene and generally take poorer care of themselves).

Kramer wrote the necessary disclaimer to keep her from being endlessly ridiculed prima facie…

Obviously, COVID-19 does not discriminate based on ethnicity. But the coronavirus has had an immense effect on the health of ethnic minorities in the United States, exposing a deep imbalance in our healthcare system. 

Alright, good acknowledgment; germs aren’t bigots (unlike those eternally-damned white monsters who don’t support socialized healthcare). But, you know…that ethnic minorities have COVID at higher rates has to be an indication of systemic racism, somehow.

Blacks also have a higher rate of STDs, AIDS, and Type-2 Diabetes – all issues that are prevented by personal care, not healthcare. But they don’t teach privileged white girls how to do logic in college, apparently.

No, no! The SBC’s Democratic Wing suggests that higher COVID-19 rates among minorities are because black folks can’t help but sneeze and breathe on each other because they’re disadvantaged (note: this argument is not racist because of the suggestions she goes on to offer). You know, they live in urban areas, don’t have jobs where they can telecommute, etc.

These conditions are, to Strawberry Snowflake, caused by racism. In typical public-edumucation fashion, disparity means racism, with not a single thought as to any other underlying problems within the community. All roads lead to racism.

Kramer’s solutions to this problem, of which she expertly lectures the 14 million Southern Baptists who pay her salary, is threefold:

First, pray (novel idea, thank you).

Secondly, give black folks money. She writes…

During this time of economic hardship, many are struggling to make ends meet. For those of us who are able to work from home or are still seeing steady paychecks, we can be generous with our money. 

Third, read about racism and the fight for “justice,” especially from black authors. Strawberry Snowflake writes…

Finally, we can spend time learning about the experiences of ethnic minorities in our communities. We can read books and articles from Black authors and research the history of racism and how it was codified into law. We should also celebrate the American heroes who worked toward justice in our country and study how they did it.

What does coronavirus infection rates have to do with racist laws? No idea. What are these racist laws? Again, I have no idea. This ERLC secretary doesn’t bother to tell us what these “racist laws” are. They just, you know, exist somehow, somewhere.

How does reading about the fight for “justice” help black people with COVID-19 in any real or tangible way? It doesn’t. It literally doesn’t help at all. But again, logic isn’t taught during sorority pledge week.

She concludes…

We cannot settle for anything less than justice for all in our country. It is our calling as citizens of heaven and the United States to fight for truth, justice, righteousness, and peace, to the glory of God and for the good of our neighbors.

This is literally her last sentence ^^

What the #)%&*#)& #)@*%)@#* #)@%&*) have to do with COVID-19? What does it have to do with infection rates? How can you quantify disparities in infection rates among ethnic groups with systemic racism?

Of course, you can’t do any of these things. They’re nonsense. But a better question for Southern Baptists should be how the @#%@ does this garbage get published on the denomination’s website? Or better yet, how does Russell Moore still have a job?

Good grief.