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CHAZ Shooting “Victim” Wants to Sue Cops for Not Being There to Help

Imagine rogue anarchists forcefully take over six blocks of a major U.S. city to ostensibly protest the police and immediately order law enforcement out of the area. Now imagine that area is predictably taken over by lawless violence.

That happened in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle, and what was characterized as a “Summer of Love” by the Seattle mayor, has devolved into chaos. Residents said the area was better without police and Trump was told to ‘stand down’ by local authorities who claimed it needed no forceful intervention. Millennials in super-hero costumes patrolled the streets instead.

Now, dead bodies are in the streets and they’re begging the cops to come back.

Filled with cop-hating Marxists who commandeered private and public property, the ordeal has been a well-documented and very public test-case for why Communism doesn’t work.

A video has surfaced on Twitter of one shooting ‘victim’ (who chose to remain in CHAZ and celebrate its lawlessness) claiming in the hospital he needed money to sue the police for not helping him fast enough.

Please Note: The CHAZ protestors ordered to cops to leave because they weren’t needed. Watch below.