N.T. Wright: Jesus Entrusting A Woman With News is ‘Almost as Huge a Revolution as the Resurrection Itself.’

NT. Wright has amped up his hyperbole about the necessity of women being pastors, and has taken it to new and blasphemous heights when he pronounced that Jesus entrusting Mary Magdalene the task of telling the disciples that he was raised from the dead – the giving of that role to a woman instead of one of his male disciples – is “almost as huge a revolution as the resurrection itself.”

We’ve warned people for years that N.T. Wright is not to be trusted as a solid, Christian teacher. Phil Johnson said that N.T. Wright teaches a false gospel and calls him a heretic in this video. John MacArthur took an entire hour to call N.T. Wright a heretic (many times) in this video. R.C. Sproul said that if what NT Wright teaches isn’t heresy, “nothing is heresy” in this video.

In this case, these latest remarks from N.T. Wright come from a newly unearthed interview with Jason Daye of the Church Leaders podcast. In the interview, around the 16-minute mark, Daye asks the former Anglican bishop and current senior research fellow at Oxford University his thoughts on women in ministry leadership, which Wright is known for recently supporting. He responds:

I always go back to two passages in particular, which are John 20 and Romans 16. In John 20, Jesus is raised from the dead and the first person who is commissioned by Jesus to tell other people the good news that he’s been raised from the dead and that he’s ascending to the father, he’s the Lord of the world, the first person to be commissioned to do this is Mary Magdalene.

Now, that announcement, that the crucified Jesus has been raised and is Lord, that is the foundation of all Christian ministry. All Christian ministry starts from there and must always include that. And when in John 20 Jesus gives that role to Mary, I think that is almost as huge a revolution as the resurrection itself.

Because he could have said to Mary, “Please go and get Peter, because I’ve got a really urgent job for him and I’ve been preparing him for this job, and its got to be Peter.” He doesn’t. He says to Mary, “You go and tell my brothers.” So that’s the first thing.

There is nothing that even comes close as glorious and revolutionary as the resurrection itself. It has no match. It has no peers. It is a singular event in human history.

The declaration that the act of Jesus giving news of this event to a woman first, rather than a man first, is almost as huge a revolution as the news itself, is patently insane and would definitely suggest N.T. Wright doesn’t understand how revolutionary the resurrection of the Lord of the world actually is.