BLM Activist Shaun King Calls Statues and Paintings of Jesus ‘A Gross Form of White Supremacy,’ Demands They Be Torn Down

In the midst of widespread toppling and tearing down of monuments dedicated to our nation’s foundersConfederate (and often Christian) leaders, and even international statesmen, the focus of
Black Lives Matter activists has begun to shift. From statues of George Washington to Ulysses S. Grant, to even slavery abolitionist Matthias Baldwin, comes a new target for criminals to vandalize and destroy – depictions of Jesus.

Shaun King, co-founder of Real Justice PAC and outspoken Black Lives Matter activist, has declared open season on statues, painting, and cultures of a light-skinned Savior, writing to his million followers on social media:

The logic is pretty straightforward, if not wretched, and will surely lead to churches being broken into, burgled, and burned down. Any depiction, whether stained glass, statue or mural is a form of white supremacy, a tool of oppression, and therefore is violence.

And as we all know, violence must be stopped and resisted at any cost. If there is a bigger dog whistle I don’t what it is.

He continues:

We at Pulpit & Pen are all iconoclasts and have no love for any depiction of Jesus, believing them to be second commandment violations. Yet is clear that as the target shifts, the thirst for vengeance against long-dead white guys from a selfish, sanctimonious perspective will only grow and grow; that is, “We must not only destroy the statues of Jesus, but also the churches that housed and tolerated these statues of Jesus.”

Mark it.

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