‘Baptist’ ‘Pastor’ Comes Out as ‘Gay’ ‘Woman’ During Sunday’s ‘Sermon’

This news article’s headline almost broke our scare-quotes key, which is already over-used from trying to decipher truth from fiction in 21st Century Newspeak.

On Sunday, June 14, a man who claims to be a pastor who claims to be a Baptist decided to claim he was a woman who is a homosexual. So he still likes women, he just thinks he’s a woman. So in reality, he’s actually not a gay woman, he’s a straight man who doesn’t understand human anatomy.

Got it? Granted, it’s complicated.

Justin Joplin serves as pastor of Lourne Park Baptist Church in Mississauga, Ontario. Justin is a man because he was born with XY chromosomes. If he killed someone and left blood at the crime scene, an all-points-bulletin would be issued for a man. Biology says he’s a man. God says he’s a man. So for the record, Pastor Justin is bad at both science and religion.

Granted, Justin looks a little bit like a dandy in his photo, but the church probably knew that his hands looked soft and his loafers looked light when they hired him.

Justin used Sunday’s socially-distanced cyber-sermon to ‘come out of the closet’ to his congregation. His social media says that the disclosure was planned to correspond with gay-pride month.

After a few moments of awkward silence all-to-common with ‘Zoom Church’ gatherings, Justin began his shuffle into the streets of Sodom in the daylight.

In a sermon that had absolutely nothing to do with the Bible, God, or Christianity, Justin talked about himself for approximately 17 minutes. It was probably a typical sermon.

Watch below (commentary below video).

His sermon’s theme was “tell the truth” and Justin likened himself to civil rights leaders and the prophet, Jeremiah. Justin used terms like “speak your truth” and made no attempt to reconcile his sin with the Scripture, merely mentioning that there are multiple “interpretations” of the Bible.

Justin went on to liken his coming out as a ‘gay woman’ to finding the Pearl of Great Price ( which is rightfully interpreted as Jesus and eternal life) in Matthew 13.

He then got on to his point:

“With divine joy, as one finally getting her hands on the most precious pearl, I want you to hear me when I say I’m not just supposed to be a pastor, I’m supposed to be a woman. Hi, friends. Hi, family. My name is Junia. You can call me June. I’m a transgender woman and I’m my pronouns are she and her. That’s the treasure, folks. That’s the truth I can’t help but speak.”

He then said, “I want to be the person God created me to be.”

Of course, God gave him XY chromosomes and male genitals, so it appears God made him a man. But most certainly, God did not make him a pastor.