VIDEO: “CHAZ” Protestors Sexually Assault/Choke Street Preacher

The “Capitol Hill Free Zone” (CHAZ) is a six-block area of Seattle taken over by warlords in the name of racial equality. Using the death of petty criminal, George Floyd, as an excuse to riot, steal, and vandalize public and private property, the gangsters have run off the police and erected a border wall around their newly claimed territory. But, things are not all the media makes them seem.

Although the Seattle mayor has likened the six-block lawless zone as a “summer of love” and the media has portrayed it as a Communist paradise, the reality is that crime is up more than 300% (some say it’s as high as 1000%).

Some Christians have hopped the border walls at CHAZ with the Gospel, intent on sharing the Good News of Christ. But it turns out that free speech is not free when “Antifa-Profa” is in charge.

In the video below, videographers caught a man with his Bible trying to share the Law and Gospel in CHAZ. He was sexually assaulted by a homosexual when he gave the preacher an unwanted kiss and was then choked by the mob (ironically, as was George Floyd, in whose memory these godless pagans are destroying their city).

Watch below [Update: Twitter removed the video, but scroll to the bottom of article for another one]:

[Editor’s Note: The fascist tech-tyrants and Twitter took down these videos. But thankfully, we have it up on YouTube. See below]

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