Todd White Given Copy of ‘American Gospel’ Movie: Calls it ‘Demonically Inspired’

A video made the rounds late last night which features arch-heretic Todd White reacting – less than positively – at finding out he was featured in the American Gospel movie. The film was given to him by a friend, who was hoping he would repent of his theological chicanery, but it was not to be so.

Directed by Brandon Kimber, released by Transition Studios, and now newly released on Netflix, American Gospel: Christ Alone “examines how the prosperity gospel (the Word of Faith movement) has distorted the gospel message, and how this theology is being exported abroad.”

According to this nice summary by RC, “of all the extreme idolaters and blasphemers, Todd White is undeniably one of the worst. Todd White is known for his parlor tricks such as leg-lengthening and other faux healings and miracles. White is along the lines of Todd Bentley when it comes to fake signs and wonders. But worst of all is the false gospel that comes out of the movement — the prosperity gospel — of which White relentlessly proclaims.”

Incidentally, and to no one’s surprise, the enigmatic enabler Dr. Michael Brown himself lauds heaps of praise on Todd White, taking a photo with him and marveling that he has “a wonderful heart for the Lord” despite ALL EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY.

Rather than feeling the conviction of sin for having an exquisitely sinful ministry, White says that the gift of the DVD only increased his faith and intensified his focus.

Unlike Todd White, we do want you to see this movie. The trailer is here:

And you can also check out the first 40 minutes for free at this link, as well as watch the whole thing on Netflix.