Mobile Sim Game ‘Church Tycoon’ Launches, Journey from Small-town Pastor to Megachurch Millionaire

Mobile game company Black Glove just released their Android game ‘Church Tycoon’ a church-building simulation that takes you from the hovels of small country bumpkin church, with nary a pastor and only one congregant, to mega-church miracle worker, collecting a fortunate and bilking your congregants for all their worth. From the game’s introduction page:

“Do you want to be a great leader of the faith? Start your temple and earn believers today in Church Tycoon!”

Earn lots of money and build new churches. Hire persuasive and powerful pastors who will make miracles and attract crowds! Pastors will coordinate their team of assistants, motivating them and improving their income. Discover the best strategy for your donation flow and start expanding your business in this unique, addictive and fun casual simulation game!”

The splash page goes on to explain:

“Church Tycoon is a casual church management simulator where the goal is to invest the profits from donations and increase your business to attract believers, create new churches and spread your message as far as possible. The best way to play this idle simulator is to find the best management strategy between each sector of the church, managing the pastors responsible for them and using their powers wisely to improve the flow of donation collection while creating new seats for the faithful. With the income you earn, you increase your church, create new temples and hire new pastors, bishops and even apostles!

In addition, you will be able to upgrade your churches and multiply your income many times over! You will also make idle money every day to invest in your business. Use it well in your strategy! Enjoy your benefits as a church entrepreneur in this church simulator and make a lot of money while spreading your message of faith and love to the world of Church Tycoon!”

We played the game and it, of course, is shockingly addicting. It is real, and it can be downloaded today. If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be running a church empire like greasy eels Steven Furtick or Joel Osteen, rife with bad exegesis and expert manipulation of the flock in order to purposefully accumulate power, influence, and massive amounts of mammon, this game is for you. It is early access and still has some bugs to work out, so please proceed with caution.