Terrifying Video of Children ‘Speaking in Tongues’ Emerges

East Coast “Apostle” Ryan Lestrange shared a promo on Facebook for an upcoming conference he’s having tonight, where he’ll be teaming up with Kids in Ministry International to lead young children in teaching on the “baptism of the Holy Spirit” at an event called “The Groan.” The video features Becky Fisher, known for being the lead subject of the Jesus Camp documentary, and shows the fruits of the charismatic church in all its vainglory.

The event, targeted at kids, is designed to have them operating in the full “gifts of the Spirit.” They believe that children are supernaturally empowered to preach, do miracles, signs and wonders, speak in tongues, raise the dead, cure cancer, probably take up snakes and scorpions, you name it. The video features Fisher “praying” and then “speaking in tongues,” followed by clips of young children doing likewise in a frenzy of disorder and unintelligibility.

The video is enough to make you want to take a shower afterward, as you can see the manipulation practically oozing out of the screen. If you wish to know more about Ryan LeStrange, you can take a stroll down to the vaunted Museum of Idolatry and check out these exhibits. Recently he was featured on the unholiest of unholies known as Charismamag, where he prophecied 2020 as the year blessings, prosperity, forward motion, acceleration, and every other charismatic buzzword he could scrounge up. Like the rest of the charismatic soothsayers, he was all proven to be a false prophet because of course he was.

For her part, Fisher is involved in doing signs and wonders in other parts of the world where verification of these tall tales remains elusive and impossible.