President of D. James Kennedy Ministries Blasts SBC, Revoice, PCA, and Christianity Today

In an op-ed that we would have gladly posted here at Pulpit and Pen, Frank Wright, president and CEO of D. James Kennedy Ministries, warmed the cockles of our hearts when he took to the proverbial woodshed several organizations, entities and ministries that are definitely behaving badly and could using a good whupping.

Titled Biblical infidelity in top evangelical institutions, leaders, Wright laments the “dramatic departure from Biblical truth by supposedly Evangelical leaders and institutions” opining that “we are now seeing a wide-scale rejection of God’s Word as the authority for faith and practice.”

Seeing the downgrade for what it is, he writes “I assure you, it’s no fun writing a column like this. I take no delight in calling out others for Biblical infidelity. Yet, when Christian leaders are clearly losing their way, love for them, faithfulness to the Gospel, and heartfelt concern for those they may mislead, compels truth telling, however painful.”

Below we’ve included a few targets of his ire and distress:


Even the Southern Baptist Convention seems to be suffering a crisis of orthodoxy. According to the newly-launched Conservative Baptist Network, the Southern Baptists are drifting into political and theological liberalism and away from Biblical authority, with its emerging emphasis on “social justice, Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and the redefining of biblical gender roles” — all of which are little more than leftist code words for their victim-based scheme of identity politics.


The generally conservative PCA denomination seems not far behind. There we see the “Revoice” movement forging a beachhead for LGBT inclusion within the framework of “the historic Christian tradition.” Revoice says what’s wrong with same-sex attraction is not that it is sinful, but that others are sinfully opposed to it.


And we can only scratch our heads at Christianity Today, which decided that building the kingdom of God includes calling for the impeachment of President Trump. A false, virtue-signaling kind of kingdom-building to be sure.


Without question, the most astonishing departure from Biblical authority comes from Pastor Andy Stanley, who called for Christians to “unhitch” their faith from the Old Testament. Stanley argues that the Old Testament is not the Christian’s guide for “any behavior in the church,” and he calls church unity more important than Biblical fidelity. At base, he seems confused about the difference between the Levitical code (which applied to Israel alone) and the moral law (which applies to all mankind). Perhaps someone will remind Pastor Stanley where he can find the Ten Commandments — or is lying, stealing, coveting, and adultery now “acceptable behavior?”

We encourage our audience to read the full post, where he also speaks on Chik-fil-A, the National Association of Evangelicals, and more on Andy Stanley. All his criticism is spot on, and we wish only that more men and women would speak up.

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