Mohler Fires Lone Dallas Statement Signer, Purges Seminary of Last Remaining Conservatives

Albert Mohler has taken punitive action against the lone signer of the Dallas Statement as Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and, at the same time, fired another three of the last remaining conservatives at the institution. Mohler has, in one fell swoop, undone everything he accomplished in the Conservative Resurgence.

Pulpit & Pen first reported that Albert Mohler had threatened faculty not to sign the Dallas Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel on September 18, 2018. As we told you at the time, Mohler’s email to faculty warned them of punitive consequences should they stand against “social justice.” Although these faculty members remained quiet while they consulted their attorney about whether or not to publish that threatening email from Mohler, one did speak out to Reformation Charlotte and acknowledge they did, indeed, fear for their job by opposing wokeness.

As is always the case, PNP News reporting has proven accurate, years in advance.

Conversations That Matter reports…

Yesterday, in an unprecedented move, Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist’s flagship seminary in Louisville, KY, fired four of the remaining conservative professors at the institution. Russell Fuller, Theodore CabalKen Magnuson, and Jim Orrick (who taught at Boice College) were all terminated by provost Matthew Hall.

Fuller was the lone Dallas Statement signer, and the other three men were the last hold-outs opposing the liberal creep at Southern Seminary. Now they’re gone.

Southern Seminary is claiming the firing of the last four conservatives at SBTS was related to coronavirus cost-cutting. Yeah, we bet.

The seminary offered the fired conservatives salary and benefits through July, contingent upon them signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Again, we have warned you that sooner or later, Mohler would fire the only professor who signed the Dallas Statement, just as he threatened faculty he would do in his 2018 email.

We reported on September 12 of 2018, “…We reported that an electronic communication was in our possession from Albert Mohler in which a SBTS staff member was told that if they signed the Dallas Statement their employment and future at SBTS would be in jeopardy. While I can understand that Mohler – like Akin – would like to know the name of the faculty member in the same way that President Trump would like to know the name of the anonymous New York Times editorial writer inside his own administration, I also assume Mohler wants to know for the same reason as President Trump. Whoever has leaked information to the press is bound to wind up with their career on the chopping block.”

Mohler vehemently denied to the Baptist Press (a fake news outlet operated by the Southern Baptist Executive Board) that he would punish Dallas Statement signers and other opponents of social justice. But, with the shadiest excuse, yesterday he did just that.

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