Ravi Zacharias Follows Up Winning ‘Favorite Apologist’ By Hanging Out With The Bad Crowd.

After being featured and winning the “2020 Christian Apologist March Madness Tournament-”

A fun little Twitter poll that pitted well-known Christian apologists against each other- and beating the inimitable James White for the crown, Ravi followed up his win by choosing to cavort with a cadre of sketchy spiritual characters on a worshipful live-stream happening in just a few days.

There’s pastrix Kari Jobe, Bethel worship leader with some bad theology and even worse songs, along with her husband Cody Carnes, who definitely doesn’t want us to read into why he has a different last name than his wife.

There’s Kirk Franklin, a pro-choice gospel singer who will be ostensibly handling the worship. Not sure about anyone else, but we could not be led in worship by a man who wants to keep allowing women to kill babies in the womb.

Then there’s Francis Chan. Where can we start with him? There’s so much to talk about. Probably the place to end is that he recently claimed that he went to a village and in faith-healing fashion, healed everyone he touched.

Perhaps Ravi wins the contest as Favorite Christian Apologies, but that doesn’t mean he’d even place in a Christian discernment cage match.

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