Trump Dodges Reporter Question Comparing Coronovirus To Abortion

On Monday, OAN (One America News network) White House correspondent Chanel Rion, asked President Trump an excellent and much-needed question during the daily White House presser.

The video, uploaded by Vox Journalist Aaron Rupar from C-Span, sought to get a comment on the relationship and significance of coronavirus deaths compared to the number of abortion deaths in the last few weeks (and ultimately almost a million surgical deaths from abortion each year, not counting abortifacient ones.)

2,405 Americans have died from coronavirus in the last 60 days. Meanwhile, you have 2,369 children who are killed by their mothers through elective abortion each day. That’s 16,500 children killed every week.

Two states have suspended elective abortions to make more resources available for coronavirus cases- That’s Texas and Ohio [Editors Update, both bans halted by Federal Judges] do you agree with states who are placing coronavirus victims above elective abortions and should more States me doing the same?

It was a softball question to the president from a network widely perceived to be to the right of Fox News, and as Pro-Trump as they get. Trump’s response, was less than satisfactory and did not answer the question at all.

Well I think what we’re doing is we’re trying to do as a group, that’s governors, republicans and democrats, we’re just working together to solve this problem. That’s been a…what you’re mentioning has been going on for a long, long time. And it’s a sad event- a lot of sad events in this country.

But what we’re doing now is we’re working on the virus, working on that hidden enemy, and I think we’re doing a great job, on as good a job as you can possibly do, and when Tony and Deborah came up with numbers yesterday to say if we did nothing you could lose 2.2- up to 2.2 maybe more, maybe beyond, but 2.2 million people if we did nothing.

And I can’t tell you what the unfortunate final toll is going to be, but it’s going to be a very small fraction of that. So we’re doing an awfully good job with what we’re doing.

We hope that going forward other reporters ask him this question, and we get a direct answer.