Video: Triggered Feminist Screams At Street Preacher Amid COVID-19. Update!

Conservative activist Katie Daviscourt upload a video on the weekend of a busybodied woman screeching at street preacher Matthew Wiersema in streets of Seattle, captioned with “Unhinged Feminist has complete mental breakdown & loses her mind over a street preacher not staying at home.”

If upon reading that headline you instantly pictured a frazzled, purple-haired woman punctuating her expletive-laden shaming with wild gesticulating hand gestures, backdropped by a rainbow flag colored sidewalk, you’d be 100% correct. 

“Go Home! There’s a stay at home that you are literally not following.”

Matthew, who had been preaching the gospel, calmly states “I need to preach the word of God out here. I need to reach people out here.” but is a cut off with repeated admonishings to “go home” (an illegitimate ask, unlike other well-deserved ones

GO HOME! GO HOME! GO THE F*CK HOME YOU ASSH*LE” she shreiks, then a bit more calmly explains “I will continue screaming. Would you like that? Because I’m actually finding it really, really relaxing.

The street preacher, perhaps then lulled into thinking he can reason with her in her professed “relaxed state,” asks her “Well, why don’t you explain to me why what I’m doing is-” and is cut off with a piercing scream that rivals the best of “triggered memes”.

Truly it’s glorious to behold. If anyone wants it as a ring-tone, perhaps as a morning wake-up alarm, we’ve made it available for download here.  

We’re currently in the process of trying to track down either a longer video of the encounter or the name of the anonymous preacher himself. We will update this post if we find out more. 

For further context, Washinton Governor Jay Inslee introduced a shelter-in-place order last week which lists four essential activities currently permitted in the state of Washington, one which is “Engaging in outdoor exercise activities, such as walking, hiking, running or biking, but only if appropriate social distancing practices are used.”

Update 1. We’ve been contacted by Matt Wiersema, an Abolitionist who was the street-preacher in the Video. We have the longer-form video here, as well as some comments by him.

” For everyone visiting my page because you’ve seen my recent viral screaming Seattle woman video, please don’t post demeaning comments about her in the comment thread. She is created in the image of God and needs your prayers, not your hate. …

Producer/actor Dinesh D’Souza shared a 38 second clip of my recent video in Seattle. That clip already has 69,500 views. The actual video on my fb page has over 39,200 views. All within about two and a half days.

But I disagree with this woman saying that the woman who screamed had a complete mental breakdown, and I don’t know if she is a feminist. We have to be careful about calling people things when we don’t actually know. It would have been better if she had shared the part that includes the message of reconciliation.

May many be reached with the gospel through this, and emboldened to reach the lost on the streets. Pray for the woman in the video.

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