The Abortion Industry Must Shut Down ASAP to Save Medical Supplies for Coronavirus Fight

All elective medical procedures have been urged to halt by national and federal leaders who are desperately trying to save resources for those directly intervening in the fight against coronavirus. Even some dentist offices have shut their doors to all but emergency cases in order to preserve much-needed supplies like gloves, masks, and sanitizing solutions for those fighting the virus. Breast augmentations and buttocks enhancements can’t be had. Everyone is doing their part to make sure hospitals have the supplies they need.

The abortion industry must halt their “services” right now in order to save equipment and supplies in the national pandemic.

John Smeaton, the chief executive of The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children said, “It is vital to conserve our core services for genuine health emergencies rather than see them lost on unnecessary elective procedures like abortion.”

He continued, “People in this country cannot get a GP appointment at this time of unprecedented crisis and yet the self-serving abortion lobby demands special treatment so they can continue with their inhuman agenda regardless of the misery and mayhem which surrounds them. It is shameful.”

He added…

It is an outrage that while our frontline health care professionals put their lives at risk on a daily basis to save patients’ lives, the abortion lobby demands much-needed health resources to continue to kill unborn babies and risk the lives of their mothers in the presence of catastrophic virus outbreak.

Abortion clinics, day in and day out, work at an assembly line of blood and guts, disemboweling babies and chopping off their heads for $535 a pop. It is time (and far past time) for the abortion industry to shut its doors and donate their supplies to physicians who will save lives.

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