If You’re Using Coronavirus to Attack John MacArthur, You Are An Awful Human Being

John MacArthur told a wild-eyed lunatic prophetess to “go home,” and every budding feminist in the Western hemisphere had to melt down with hot-flashes of uncontrollable rage. We get it. What MacArthur said was absolutely inconsiderate of Keith Moore, who would have to scurry upon his rooftop to live a peaceable life should Beth ever take the suggestion.

But let me be clear; if you’re using a pandemic disease outbreak as an opportunity to hike your leg on the octogenarian pastor, you are literally an awful human being. Just absolutely awful.

Sure, complain about this one time that one gal alleged this one thing about this one guy that attended MacArthur’s school. Or complain about the mundane inner workings of a school-church bureaucracy which may or may not, depending upon who’s doing the smelling, contain a wafting odor of the faintest scandal. Some people are insufferable in their incessant attempt to throw feces at the most faithful preacher in two different centuries in the hopes that something – anything – sticks.

Hell hath no fury like a feminist told to go home.

But mercy sakes…coronavirus. You’re going to attack MacArthur over Wuhan’s Kung Flu? That’s sheer insanity. But it’s worse than insanity. It’s just awfulness.

The rant here is because Julie Roys, who has been on a jihad against complementarianism ever since James MacDonald self-immolated, has a bone to pick with basically anybody who has a biblical position on lady-babblers. Sure, Roys claims to be a complementarian. Who doesn’t, these days? It’s just a “soft complementarianism.” Or is it a flaccid complementarianism? A neo-complementarianism? I forget. Either way, it’s a new kind of complementarianism that allows for female leadership in the church, which is actually just an old kind of egalitarianism.

And so, any speck of controversy will do, no matter how real or imagined. A 90-year-old attendee at Shepherd’s Conference (two-weeks prior) passed away of what was suspected to be – and later confirmed to be – Kung Flu.

Grace Community Church and the ShepCon folks didn’t warn people that they could have been exposed to coronavirus until March 21, when they might have known someone possibly could have maybe had coronavirus one or two days previously, on, at the earliest, March 19.

The outrage is apparently that the ShepCon Folks should have launched a war-room type containment squad complete with red buttons and blinking computer screens, called five thousand ShepCon attendees and warned them they might have come into contact with someone who might have had coronavirus (in other words, warned them of something that every American already knows to be true).

Who cares if the Los Angeles metro area is on a shelter-in-place order? Who cares if most Shep-Con volunteers are John MacArthur’s age and shouldn’t put themselves in jeopardy to warn people, who just traveled across the country on airplanes, that they might have crossed paths with someone who had coronavirus? Who cares that the man wasn’t positively diagnosed until he was dead? Who cares about facts, realities, common sense, or common decency? Nah, this is a prime opportunity to find one more trivial, prattling, hair-brained, hysterical nagging reason to dump on Dr. MacArthur. I mean, no good plague should be wasted, right? Even the Rider on the White Horse Whose Name is Death can be commandeered for the Upright Feminists’ Brigade and the Anti-MacArthur posse, right?

Mercy sakes, what a bunch of inconsolable shrews. What an awful human being Julie Roys is. Seriously, just awful. The world is going to hell in a handbasket, our economy is tanking, the center is no longer holding, and this may or may not be the apocalypse, and these coffee-breathed (I would imagine) women are still so angry over “go home” they can’t let it go.

Perhaps MacArthur’s “go home” was prophetic. I wonder if those in self-quarantine have considered the irony. If MacArthur was a charismatic, he would be spiking the football over a successful coronavirus oracle. But as absurd as it would be to say so, it’s equally as absurd to be playing arm-chair cheerleader (girls can’t be quarterbacks) in a time of pandemic: the first of which any of us have ever lived through.

One ne’er-do-well new recruit to the She-Woman-Man-Hating Club complained that her pastor, who is old and has health ailments, should have been given a heads up he might have been exposed to the virus. Keep in mind, he just traveled to one of the most heavily populated cities in the world – where there is a coronavirus outbreak. Common sense would dictate he should have already known that. Read the news, people; there are 41 thousand positive cases of coronavirus in the United States and many times that who are positive but have not been tested. It’s literally all around us.

If you feel compelled to use the darkest of nights to frantically search for a coronavirus case that leads back to Dr. MacArthur, you are an awful person. There’s no other way to put it.