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Jonathan Merrit, Gay Christian Journalist, Promotes “Theistic Evolution”

Jonathan Merritt, the grown son of megachurch pastor, James Merritt, and a journalist who has become a favorite of the Evangelical Intelligentsia, surprised no one today when he promoted another progressive organization bent on destroying the fundamentals of the faith.

It’s not the first wretched thing Jonathan has promoted. He still officially holds to the position that homosexuality is – at least on some level – God’s “imperfect design” while promoting and supporting the Revoice-style leftists who promote “gay Christianity.” Several months ago, demonstrating that the evangelical establishment’s promotion of Jonathan Merritt couldn’t be unwisely misappropriated any further, he also promoted the New Age and mystic practice of contemplative prayer when he gave a heartful shoutout to mystic and yoga instructor Phileena Heuertz.

The theology of BioLogos, as it were, can nicely be encapsulated with this quote from their website.

When multiple interpretations of Scripture are possible, the church can benefit from considering what God has revealed in the natural world, because a proper interpretation of Scripture will not conflict with what we find there. At BioLogos, we are persuaded by the scientific evidence that Homo sapiens evolved, arising about 200,000 years ago and sharing common ancestors with all other life on Earth. Furthermore, it increasingly appears that the genetic diversity among humans today could not have come from just two Homo sapiens individuals, but a population of thousands.

Take that quote and imagine all the ways it would affect how we read Genesis 1-3, how we understand Moses confirming the 6-day creation of the world in Exodus 20:11, how we understand Jesus confirming that God made Adam and Eve “at the beginning of creation” Mark 10:6, or how we understand the relationship between death, salvation, Adam, and Christ in Romans 5.

Reading these passages from a true affirmation of the inerrancy, sufficiency and perspicuity of Scripture excludes any possibility of theistic evolution and the rambling justifications of BioLogos.