Jonathan Merritt, Gay Christian Journalist, Promotes Contemplative Prayer

Watching Queer as Folk.

Kissing Oscar Wilde’s grave.

Earrings only in the right ear.

A grown man at a Madonna concert.

These things all have one thing in common. They’re all slightly less gay than Jonathan Merritt, the grown son of megachurch pastor, James Merritt and¬†a journalist who has become a favorite of the Evangelical Intelligentsia. Merritt was outed as having “been with” a dude back in 2012 before he slinked back into the closet with some help from Ed Stetzer and others who frantically scurried to cover up his trail of gayness.

Today, Merritt still officially holds to the position that homosexuality is – at least on some level – God’s “imperfect design” while promoting and supporting the Revoice-style leftists who promote “gay Christianity.” Regardless of whatever concession Merritt has had to make on sodomy to remain profitable (and employed) in Christian journalism, it’s fair to say that Jonathan Merritt is no more straight than a two-dollar bill. This hasn’t prevented America’s Evangelical Intelligentsia, and especially the newly woke “Reformed” Social Justice Warriors, from treating him like a gay bestie in high school.

Demonstrating that the evangelical establishment’s promotion of Jonathan Merritt couldn’t be unwisely misappropriated any further, yesterday Merritt promoted the New Age and mystic practice of contemplative prayer (left).

Phileena Heuertz is a yoga instructor and mystic whose main career is as a “retreat guide” (picture teaching upper-class housewives over a weekend on how to get in touch with their feelings and presume their inner-voice belongs to God while assuming the Lotus Position). She has also spoken at leftist and progressive events like Sojourner’s Summit and Q Ideas. In other words, she’s exactly the type of person you would assume a gay man would be good friends with.

Endorsing Heuertz’ books include a bevy of lady pastors and Episcopal priests. Her general schtick is the combining of Eastern Mysticism with a general Christian-flavored theism. That you could find Merritt somewhere in yoga pants doing the Downward Dog is not implausible. Combining such poppycock with evangelical Christianity, however, is distasteful.

In the last 24 hours, Merritt has taken to Twitter to attack Judge Kavanaugh, promote gun control, and push Social Justice. And yet, Merritt remains the single greatest ally in the press of the ‘woke’ faux-Reformed intelligentsia¬†who have taken over the Presbyterian Church of America and the Southern Baptist Convention