LGBTQ Demanding to Be Treated FIRST for Coronavirus (Because They’re So Disease-Ridden Already)

For reason #432,234 not to pretend to be the wrong gender (which no one in the history of the world has ever ‘transitioned,’ you might want to consider the latest health updates that suggest ‘transgender’ people are more susceptible to the coronavirus.

Take the dress of Tom, you’re going to catch the flu.

According to Reuters, “More than 100 LGBT rights groups on Wednesday called on public health officials to address the heightened vulnerability of gay and trans people to the coronavirus, warning that their frequently weakened immune systems can put them at risk.”

The reason why their immune system is awful is because “rates of HIV and cancer that are higher than in the overall population,” say the groups.

In other words, they’re so disease-ridden they have compromised immune systems. So it’s apparently the job of the CDC to clear their desk and get to work on shielding people who already don’t take care of their health from coronavirus.

Quick. Take care of the gay people. STAT.

You know how at Wal-Mart the other day you saw the old lady in sweats and a tramp-stamp throwing elbows to snatch an unseemly amount of toilet paper for her and her chihuahua to share, even though the elderly and moms with small children were going without? That’s basically the LGBTQ lobby making sure they’re in the front of the vaccine (if it ever starts to form). Could they be worse?

Dr. Scott Nass, president of GLMA, an LGBT health advocacy group, said, “We call on public health officials to ensure the LGBTQ community is considered and included in the public health response to COVID-19 based on potential risk factors … in our community.”

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