Some Southern Baptists Are Defying Orders to Shut Down Churches in Wake of Coronavirus

[Christian Post] Some churches including Southern Baptist congregations in Kentucky say they have no plans to shutter amid the new coronavirus epidemic despite a request from Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear urging houses of worship to close temporarily Wednesday to help prevent community spread of the deadly virus.

“We know this is community spread and we need to get ahead of it,” Beshear said in a statement on the virus. “It is important for everybody out there to be calm, practice good hygiene and reduce the risk of exposure for themselves and others.”

 Kentucky Baptist Convention Executive Director-Treasurer Todd Gray told Baptist Press that despite the governor’s request, many of their churches plan on staying open while taking steps to limit community spread of the virus.

“It appears that most Kentucky Baptist church leaders are planning to carry on with their regularly scheduled services unless things change between now and Sunday,” Gray said. “Several Kentucky Baptist pastors will urge additional precautions by asking those who are sick to please stay home and those who are concerned to feel free to also stay home.”

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[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Leonardo Blair and first posted at Christian Post, title change by P&P]

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