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Amazon Selling “Let’s Make Down Syndrome Extinct” Shirt

Amazon has already banned books by Christian authors who have escaped the homosexual lifestyle on grounds that is is “hate speech.” But the retailer apparently thought it was okay – at least until yesterday – to sell a t-shirt that said, “Let’s make Down Syndrome Extinct.” That, in fact, seems more hateful.

One mother whose son has Down Syndrome (the National Down Syndrome Society prefers the spelling Down Syndrome over Down’s Syndrome) said she was horrified and disgusted at seeing the shirts on the online retailer’s website. She said, “To target a group who are disabled is just disgusting.”

Another mother said, “I can’t believe they have been allowed to sell this. Who even thinks up an idea to design this? Daniel is just perfect to us and we wouldn’t change a thing about him.”

She added, “They wouldn’t be able to write homophobic slogans or racists ones. It is so hateful and should be a crime. To target a group who are disabled is just disgusting and I am horrified Amazon gave them a platform to share their hate.”

Update: It appears that Amazon has since removed the t-shirt from sale but has refused any comment.