Why Are ‘Woke’ Evangelicals Like Matt Chandler Okay with Hating Jews?

Why does wokeness and the urgent plea for “racial reconciliation” not apply to Jews, one should ask Matt Chandler. In fact, JD Greear and most of America’s socially-progressive hipster pastors should have to answer that question.

Why is racial insensitivity the unpardonable sin but anti-Semites get a pass? What is about Jew-hating that makes it okay to “Big Eva”?

As reported in the Jerusalem Post and other secular outlets that consist of better journalists than most American religious publications pointing out this discrepancy and not Christians?

The Jerusalem Press reports (HT Capstone Report), a radical anti-Semite Imam said…

“We found out over dinner that Omar and I have a mutual friend in Matt Chandler. Some of you know who Matt Chandler is—he is a pastor out where Omar lives in Texas. So, I took a picture and sent it to him. Matt immediately texted back and said, ‘That’s good people right there.’ He said you guys are pretty close. He said, ‘He’s a great guy,’ and these are his words and not mine, ‘The fact that he is a rabid LSU fan, which is kind of annoying and makes him a punk.’”

“That’s good people right there.”

Chandler has insisted that we need to address “White Privilege” (a key component of Critical Race Theory), preached at the MLK veneration event hosted by TGC and ERLC, and says churches should prioritize racial harmony.

But “good people” don’t blow up Jews, persecute Israel, or desire that the nation be wiped off the map like Imam Omar (referenced above). This is the same Imam that JD Greear “played footsie with” (to quote Janet Mefferd) last week. He wants to destroy Israel.

And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed (Genesis 12:3 KJV)

Yet, Matt Chandler says that racism is an “imago dei” issue. Are Jews not made in the Imago Dei?

In 2017, Pulpit & Pen reported that Matt Chandler’s Village Church was partnering with radical extremist Jihadi groups like the Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Evangelicals need a firm answer from Chandler and Greear: Does hatred for Jews not count as something to be concerned about? Can an anti-Semite really be a “good person”? Why do Jews not count as an oppressed minority group?

The answer is probably as simple as the Critical Race Theory (CRT) that drives their belief-system. In CRT, Jews don’t count as a minority identity group because they typically do not struggle with financial poverty. In short, Jews aren’t seen as “oppressed” (despite being the most oppressed minority group in the history of mankind). Therefore, their ethnicity is actually counted by Critical Theorists as whiteness.

And whiteness doesn’t need to be protected but repented for.

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