Report: Minorities Are Vandalizing Their Own Property and Blaming Conservatives

Why are America’s ethnic minorities and sexual deviants busy committing hate crimes on themselves? This is the question that can perhaps be answered by Mahagany Teague, a 41-year-old black Johnson City, Tennessee, woman who carved “White Pride” into the sidewalk outside a black-owned business.

Teague has been arrested for framing innocent people for her racist remark, ostensibly designed to vilify white people in Johnson City and cause racial division.

The Pluralist reports that Teague was charged of committing vandalism of less than $1,000 in front of DC Fitness and held at the Washington County Detention Center.

As Pulpit & Pen reported last week in our article, New $500 Bounty Offered for Information Regarding Kyle J. Howard’s Tales of Oppression, the privileged adopted nephew of lady preacher, Beth Moore, has repeatedly given (unsubstantiated) allegations of hate crimes almost weekly.

This phenomenon is happening on a regular basis around the country. Pulpit & Pen has previously reported a black man who vandalized his own car with racist epithets and a homosexual who vandalized his church with anti-gay slogans.

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