Woman Stops in Traffic to Preach at Dead Possum, Demanding it “Repent”

Police in Waukesha, Wisconsin, got phone calls from concerned travelers who saw a woman performing what appeared to onlookers to be a strange religious ritual on a possum.

On the corner of Springdale and Bluemound street, a woman had left her vehicle upon seeing the possum and began to preach to it. She also doused the roadkill rodent with windshield washer fluid and goldfish crackers, according to a call into the police dispatch.

Not content to preach-and-go, the woman took out a Green Bay Packers lawnchair and sat down next to the possum so she could continue preaching to it in comfort.

Reportedly, the woman was telling the possum to repent, although there are no reports of what she wanted the possum to repent for.

The possum has since been removed the road and it does not appear the possum was, ahem, playing possum. Officials removed the possum and it appeared to be very dead and apparently unmoved by the woman’s preaching.

[Editor’s Note: HT Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and these people]