Following Assassination of Sharia Critic, Phoenix Apologist Claims Few Qualified to Speak on the Subject

Phoenix apologist and elder at Apologia Church, James White, took to Twitter on Sunday morning to rebuke people for not knowing enough about Sharia before criticizing it.

According to the apologist, who has engaged in a number of friendly Interfaith Dialogues with Muslim scholars as well as a number of moderated debates, people should have read Muslim scholars, read Arabic, and be an expert in the four major madhhabs of Sunni jurisprudence in order to discuss Sharia.

White’s claims come approximately two weeks after the apparent assassination of Phil Haney, an “Obama Whistleblower” who regularly spoke on the dangers of Sharia up until the time of his death.

Phil Haney

According to reports, Haney – who was called “a fearless investigator of U.S. Islamists” – was shot a few miles from his home. After initial reports from law enforcement indicated it was a suicide, Haney’s friends and family testified he warned them he might be ‘suicided’ by Islamicists or political enemies. Since then, the local coroner walked back the claims of suicide and acknowledged it was murder.

Haney was a counter-terrorism expert with the Department of Homeland Security who “blew the whistle” on the Obama Administration’s efforts at whitewashing the Islamicist ties of suspected terrorists. Haney then spent a good deal of time warning about various issues related to Islamic extremism, including the advance of Sharia in America.

Haney, who was not a religious scholar but a counter-terrorism expert, spoke regularly about the dangers of Sharia Law from information compiled outside of Arabic-written works by Sunni Muslim leaders. Rather, he compiled the information from actionable national security intelligence.

Haney said, “What is the threat? What are we fighting against? What are we fighting for? We are obligated by duty to be participants in the government that the Lord himself instituted in order to protect the liberties that he gave us. Jihad is the tactic, and the goal is world domination.”

Watch below:

Apologist James White, on the other hand, insists that people must understand Sharia from Islamic sources, rather than sources familiar with Sharia from the perspective of national security like Phil Haney and others who are actively evaluating the advance of Islam in the United States and other western nations.

Please pray for the family of Phil Haney in their time of loss. Additionally, please pray for all those brave men and women who are evaluating the threat of Islam from the perspective of national security rather than for the purpose of self-aggrandizing theological curiosity.