Church Has Fat Girls Dance Around to Teach ‘Body Positivity’

Megan Jayne Crabbe teaches “body positivity” by taking off her clothes and parading around in public. For some unknown reason, churches are inviting Crabby and her chubby friends on stage to prance around in their skivvies.

Her Instagram says, “I like talking about body positivity, feminism, and how dogs are better than humans. 🐶💜Bestselling author of Body Positive Power.”

Crabbe and at least one plump associate performed recently for Union Chapel, a church in Muncie, Indiana.


Pulpit & Pen usually doesn’t post photos of scantily clad women so as to not cause someone to lust, but that’s probably not an issue with this one.

The post read, “People keep letting us perform in churches and we keep doing stuff like this. Here’s hoping Jesus appreciates a good spread eagle. @thevagaggle 💜💙💚🌈🌞Thank you @karlagowlett for capturing the magic that happed during @theworldisonfireshow ! 🔥 • [Image description: Megan and Joeley are on stage at Union Chapel, Joeley is doing a handstand spread eagle and Megan is poking her head through Joeley’s legs and posing with her face in her hands. She is the picture of innocence.] #NeverSayDietClub

Crabbe seems genuinely surprised churches would invite them to perform. Indeed, we all should be.