Video: Charismatic Performs Parlor Trick, Pulling Object from Shoe

When you hear about Christianity growing in Africa, please understand that the bulk of it is charismaticism, a sub-Christian sect barely recognizable to orthodox Christianity. Propagated by the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) that spreads its demonic seed primarily in places rife with superstition, witchcraft, and low socio-economic strata, this bizarre religion has people doing really weird stuff wherever it grows.

In the video below, a South African evangelist tells a congregation member to hold on to his shoe while he prayed for a miracle. The man from the audience had been praying for a passport from the government so he could travel outside the nation.

The minister, after putting on a show of shaking his foot and decreeing and declaring the miracle, instructed the man to take off his shoe, at which point a passport was under his foot.

Facebook comments from locals in South Africa claimed the pastor had assisted the man apply for paperwork and received the passport in the mail, before placing it in his shoe and acting as though it was a miracle from God.

But at least it wasn’t a rabbit out of a hat.

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