Watch the British Declare Their Independence in Dramatic EU Parliament Session

The British have been declaring their independence from the European Union since June of 2016 when their citizens voted in a referendum to leave the regional governing body. Proving that such arrangements are easy to get into and almost impossible to leave, numerous roadblocks to a timely and full departure have arisen that is cause for no shortage of drama in the UK government.

The withdrawal, known as Brexit, is set to be finalized tomorrow with a transition period that will take place up until December of this year.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party since 2019 and a European Union (EU) parliament member since 1999, gave a dramatic swan song to in their last appearance at the globalist body.

In a rebellious speech that makes his American cousins across the pond smile, Farage declared British independence. Watch below.

Freedom-lovers everywhere should rejoice that globalism is resisted in every single nation that values the liberty and independence of its people. The British people should be proud today.

We pray many nations join them.

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