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Liberals Suggest Explaining Abortion to Kids By Telling Them ‘Kids Are A Handful’

A woman who calls herself the “Beyonce of Abortion Storytelling,” Renee Bracey Sherman, is endorsing an article published in Rewire News that gives suggestions for how to address abortion with little kids. As expected, it’s atrocious. Her advice is to look at kids and explain, “kids are a handful” before describing the atrocious procedure.

The article itself was written by Paige Alexandria, entitled “Having the Abortion Talk With Children Is Easier Than You Think.” 

Aside from explaining to kids that kids are too troublesome to let live, the article is full of untruths.

A woman named “Kathi” told her 10-year-old daughter that her abortion ended a “nine-week fetus, and that it had no functioning brain, heart, or ability to sense pain like her and I have.” However, this is biologically untrue, as babies these organs are formed and functioning well before nine weeks.

Shamefully, Kathi is a nurse who should have known better.

Imagine the absolute horror children experience when they’re told that kids are a “handful” and therefore ending their life is appropriate. Conservative talk celebrity, Ben Shapiro, picked up on this tragedy.