Human Rights Brochure Says To Refer to Genitalia as ‘Internal or External’ Because ‘Male or Female’ is Too Judgmental

A “Transgender” Sex Guide brochure that endorses “transactional” sexual relations and encourages openly disclosing STDs also suggests referring to genitalia as “external or internal” because using terms “male and female” are too judgmental.

The guide, which is called Safer Sex for Trans Bodies, suggests that traditional words to describe human sexual anatomy is too gender-based and sensitive, enlightened people should use words like “parts” to describe genitals and “front hole” to describe “internal genitals” (of the female variety).

When describing the male “parts” the brochure suggests using a vulgar term and says, “We use this word to describe external genitals. [Censored] come in all shapes and sizes and can belong to people of all genders.”

Scientific, right?

The political correctness guide suggests that referring to the act as “sex” is a poor word choice because it implies male-female compatibility, so instead we should refer to it as “mattress dancing.”

It’s basically as though the sex guide was written by third graders.

The guide also attempts to make people feel better about having sexual relations with those who are HIV positive, saying it’s “almost impossible” to pass HIV from one who is taking their medication correctly.

Russian roulette, anybody?

America has come a long way from the day in which sex education was designed to keep people from engaging in high-risk sexual activities. Now, it seems, sex education is simply designed to help make high-risk sexual activities politically correct.

Professing to be wise, they became fools…(Romans 1:22)

The brochure is published by the Human Rights Campaign.

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