Illinois To Let Confused Moms Put Themselves as 'Father' on Baby's Birth Certificate

Illinois To Let Confused Moms Put Themselves as ‘Father’ on Baby’s Birth Certificate

So, just an FYI for all the folks who missed mandatory sex-ed in the public school system. The human being the baby physically comes out of is the “mother” in this scenario. The one responsible for providing the sperm is the “father.” The Illinois educational system must have failed them dramatically, or perhaps the state has a strong anti-science bias. Either way, the state is now allowing mothers to list themselves as “father” on their baby’s birth certificate.

According to local news reports, Illinois is updating its birth certificate registry to record the self-declared gender identity on such documents after a female who identifies as “transmasculine” asked to be officially listed as her child’s father.

Instead of being told, “No, that is stupid. You are not the child’s father,” the state accommodated the confused woman’s wishes.

The woman who asked for the change, who goes by “Myles Brady Davis” said, “Growing up, I always wanted to be a dad, so now that I’m a father, it means a lot to me that my child’s identifying document states that.”

Whatever the state religion of Illinois is, we know it’s not science.

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