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Jewish Magazine Publishes ‘Do It Yourself’ Abortion Guide

A Jewish magazine recently published an article describing for patients how they can perform an abortion on themselves at home without physician supervision. The publication is illustrated in case someone wanted to look at the photos rather than read the words.

The publication, Jewish Currents, says that at-home abortions are a matter of “reproductive justice.”

Everyone deserves to control their own reproduction. This guide to self-managing your abortion using misoprostol, a medication which causes uterine contractions, is intended as a community resource in the service of reproductive justice.

Showing an illustration of a woman reclining on a couch with snacks, the publication says, “Have an abortion!”

The rest is advice we don’t particularly want to get out to the public because it might lead to the unfortunate death of some babies.

Jewish babies were murdered by the Egyptians (Exodus 1), but the midwives prevented many deaths and disobeyed orders in order to keep the Jewish babies alive. How far the Jewish people have come, now that some are informing each other on how to finish what the Egyptians started.