After Being Labeled a ‘Bigot,’ Young Man Who Opposed Drag Queen Story Time Takes Own Life

Wilson Gavin was a student at the University of Brisbane who opposed “drag queens” indoctrinating kids at library storytime. After being labled a ‘bigot’ and being resoundingly attacked in social media by celebrities, Wilson took his own life.


The student, who seemed reasonable, calm, collected, and conscientious, politely refuted claims by a crossdressing man that ‘transgender’ indoctrination was healthy for kids.

Then, the student faced an incredible backlash for speaking his mind. In the days that followed, Wilson was attacked in social media by countless LGBT activists, some of whom told him he was better off dead. The local ABC affiliated portrayed his protest as an attack against kids.

University of Queensland senator, Drew Pavlou, said Wilson was “at his core a very kind person that cared for others” and “was hilarious and a riot to be around, his fame will always remain legendary.”

The drag queen with whom he had his disagreement thanked his fans for all the support he has received in the wake of Wilson’s suicide.

If you are considering suicide, please call 2-800-273-8255 for immediate, free, and confidential help.