No Parents Allowed at Library Sex-Ed Taught By Lesbian Pole Dancer

Parents will not be allowed to attend a sex-education class at the library in Lexington Park, Maryland. The class is for teenagers only and will be taught by a pole-dancing lesbian.

We kid you not.

Two atheist organizations are hosting the event, including the Southern Maryland Area Secular Humanists and the Washington Area Secular Humanists. The event is also hosted by PFLAG, which is a support group for the sexually perverted and the families of the sexually perverted.

The lesbian who is doing the instructing and child-grooming is Bianca Palmisano, and the library’s Facebook page says she will be teaching the children “about sexual health, whether its birth control, lubricants, STI testing, LGBTQ relationships, or something else completely.”

Palmisano (who prefers the pronouns they/them), according to Shannon Tracey with Mass Resistance Texas, was the keynote speaker for an event called SlutWalk 2013. She is a “Planned Parenthood Certified Sex Instructor.” She has also been a speaker at the Philadelphia Transgender Health Summit and D.C.’s Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Palmisano regularly posts on her Instagram about adult novelty items and “educates” people how to use them. She also is an instructor in pole-dancing and “home breast and pelvic exams.”

The event is advertised as for “teens only.” Parents are not invited.

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