‘Jessica’ Yaniv Files New Human Rights Complaint In Desperate Bid To Be Waxed ‘Down There’ Again.

Jessica Jonathan Yaniv found herself himself in the news again today, much to his delight and glee, when the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) announced they were retained to defend another beauty salon being targeted by everyone’s most hated trans-activist. 

Yaniv, known as Canada’s most grotesque export, made news this past year when he tried multiple times to force women working in salons to shave his nether-regions and then launched a human rights complaint when they refused. He also is well known for wanting to host naked swimming parties for teens, holding racial and prejudiced views against immigrants and minorities, and claiming that he has periods and menstruates. (routinely asking Twitter what sort of tampons to buy, much to their collective irritation and disgust)

In the case of his previously filed human rights complaint, he was denied the win and ordered to pay several thousand dollars to three estheticians, with the panel writing: “Human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax.”

The panel also stated it was clear Yaniv launched the complaint for financial gain, purposefully targeting minorities, with the adjudicator writing “I am satisfied that the pattern is deliberate and motivated by (the complainant’s) animus towards certain non-white immigrants to Canada, and in particular, members of South-Asian and Asian communities.”

However, and to no one’s surprise, it has been revealed that an undaunted Yaniv has filed another complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal against She Point Beauty Studio. This studio is also run by a minority group – in this case East-Asian women who also happen to be religious Sikhs.

This current proceeding stems from an incident in August 2019 when Yaniv approached the salon asking about a Brazilian wax and other waxing services. When the owner denied the request, stating that they only give Brazilian waxes to women, he then asked for a leg wax, which was also refused.

Lest anyone think the service to wax legs is not a huge deal, as Yaniv could simply roll up his leg and have at it and therefore should not be refused, the JCFF notes that:

“Leg waxing takes place in private with the customer in their underwear or nude from the waist down. She Point Beauty Studio rejected Yaniv’s request for services due to religious, cultural, and safety reasons, and because the salon services are specialized to women.”

There should be a response by the BC tribunal within a few months.

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