Abuse Victim Kills Pedophile Priest By Jamming Crucifix Down His Throat

Abuse Victim Kills Pedophile Priest By Jamming Crucifix Down His Throat

A 91-year-old priest in France, Roger Matassoli, was killed when his 19-year-old alleged molestation victim jammed a crucifix down his throat.

According to the UK publication, The Tablet, Roger Matassoli was found dead on November 4 at his home near Beauvais, choked by a crucifix stuffed down his throat. There were also multiple blows to his body. A 19-year-old suspect named Alexandre was soon arrested.

A month later, according to the publication, the suspect’s father told a newspaper the priest had abused him years ago and still influenced him as an adult. Matassoli later abused Alexandre and had him clean his house while naked.

Bishop Jacques Benoit-Gonnin of Beauvais diocese admitted he removed Matassoli from ministry in 2018. Benoit-Gonnin said that Matassoli “had no more parish duties” from 2009 and “took measures to remove him from public ministry.” The abusive priest remained on the payroll of the church after his forced retirement.

The bishop had removed the abusive priest after hearing from two victims. Two additional victims came forward after that, and the bishop says there are probably more.

The young man who killed Matassoli appears to be one of them. Reportedly, the sexual trauma gave him mental problems, which he could not overcome. That mental anguish led to the murder death of Matassoli.

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