Pharmacy Reduces Abortion Pill Prices, Abortion Biz Encourages Women to Stock Up for Christmas

Pharmacy Reduces Abortion Pill Prices, Abortion Biz Encourages Women to Stock Up for Christmas

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), an organization that runs many abortion clinics, encouraged women to take advantage of an online pharmacy slashing the price of morning-after pills, stating that they should “stock up” for the Christmas and holiday season.

The morning-after pill typically purchased after a consultation with a pharmacist is £26, or $34.16 USD. BPAS directed women to a website called, where they order free abortion pills.

“The thing is, we see more women with an unplanned pregnancy in January than any other time of the year,” BPAS wrote on its website. “Getting hold of the morning-after pill over Christmas can be difficult so it’s useful to have it before you need it.”

Clare Murphy, BPAS director of external affairs, told The Telegraph:

“We believe emergency contraception belongs on the shelf of the pharmacy, not hidden away at the back, accessible only after a consultation. There is simply no reason why we should restrict access in the way we do when the stakes for women are so high – women know when they need it and should be trusted to use it.”

Dr. Anthony McCarthy, from the Society of the Protection of Unborn Children, told Fabulous:

“This has nothing to do with medicine or any serious approach to cutting STDs or unplanned pregnancies. To do as a Christmas gimmick, when the world celebrates the sanctity of birth, says much about organisations which view the vulnerable with predatory contempt.”

BPAS’ controversial marketing for their Christmas campaign:

Making light: The British Pregnancy Advisory Service

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