LGBT “Love is Age-Blind” Meme Circulating in Social Media

A meme, allegedly put out by the LGBT Foundation, claims that love is both gender-blind and age-blind.

Most of the RT’s on this tweet have come from Kyle McDorman, whose tweets are now protected from his Twitter page. It appears to be a screenshot taken from the LGBT Foundation, which is a real organization. The Twitter page of the LGBT Foundation demonstrates it to indeed be a radical LGBTQ+ organization that pushes the “rights” of every form of sexual deviancy.

A fake-news report in 2018 claimed that the LGBT Foundation was going to add a “P” for “Pedosexual,” but has since been debunked as unsubstantiated. However, currently, the LGBT Foundation has not denied releasing the meme.

Thousands of pro-LGBT social media users are claiming that the meme is legitimate, but regrettable. The LGBT Foundation did not mean to inadvertently support pedophilia but was making a statement about age-discrimination among consenting adults only.

Several hundred pro-LGBT activists claim that the meme is legitimate and defensible because they agree with the pro-pedophilia sentiment seemingly expressed. Twitter, which allows all sort of pro-pedophilia material, has not yet banned the users supporting the meme in support of adult-on-kid intercourse.

Pulpit & Pen cannot at this time confirm whether or not the meme indeed originated with the LGBT Foundation, but there is no doubt that thousands of LGBT people are supporting its message, whether with clarification or not.