Delaware Town Bans Nativity Scenes Because They Are “Safety Hazard”

Right. “Safety Hazard.”

Georgetown Delaware has released new city codes that forbid the display of “unattended displays” left on the city square, which has many residents claiming the yuletide declaration is meant to curtail local churches from placing nativity scenes there, which has been a longstanding tradition.

Pulpit & Pen is not “pro-nativity scenes” because of our view on the Second Commandment, which you can read more about here. But for a municipality to ban nativity scenes and prohibit the exercise of Free Speech, that’s a tad much downright fascist.

According to WBOC, a local news affiliate, the town manager, Gene Dvornick, claimed that the nativity scenes could be a “safety hazard.”

He told the press it could be dangerous, “if the wind kicks up and there’s not anyone there and stuff blows out to the traffic lane…”


A business store in the owner who has been stationed along the city circle for decades said, “We have a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the center and our light poles all speak of the Christmas season and I think the nativity scene falls within that. I think it’s important that these symbols represent the faiths of everyone that’s celebrating this time of year.”

Now, all displays have to be approved by the city and none can be left without being guarded.

It’s all fun and games until a baby Jesus flies through a windshield because the “wind picks up.”

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