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Church of Sweden Places Gay Artwork Behind Altar

St. Paul’s Church in Malmo, Sweden, has released brand new artwork behind the church altar of a LGBTQ revision of the Garden of Eden.

Although there were only two figures in the Garden of Eden, the Biblically-illiterate display shows eight homosexuals inside the garden of God, some in a romantic embrace. The website for the church says that it places gays in the Garden of Eden from the beginning. Of course, the Bible did no such thing.

The artist’s name is Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, and is most widely known for her artwork that depicts major events in Christ’s life with gay or ‘transgender’ characters and sodomites dressed in leather.

The artwork was dedicated to Wallin’s church for use in gay ‘wedding’ ceremonies (the church began to perform gay ‘weddings’ in 2007.

Regarding the display, the church said on its website…

It is with pride and joy that we receive ‘Paradise’ in St. Paul’s Church. We need images that open up greater inclusion and identification in the church. We are grateful for Elisabeth’s artistry, which enables us to build a credible church that shows that we all, regardless of who we love and identify as, fit into Paradise.

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